[Pic+DL] 2006-2011 Changmin Collection ~3000 pics

Happy New Year everyone >O< Wish you a lucky year…Let’s work hard! With Changmin >O< When you finish download it, you may bleed so much TT^TT kekekeke….Now…Gambarimashou! Bambaya~~~Amen =))))))))

This collection is not allowed to be post on another site!

Please leave your comment if you download, thank you!

But i can’t let you download it easily…wmoahahaha…Hmm….Let’s see….What do you know about changmin? ^^ Those questions below aren’t very hard, right? ^^

Part 1: 2006-2008

Download: MF

Using HJ-Split to join

Password: (Answer the question below)

What is Changmin’s favorite food?

Part 2:2009-2011

Download MF: 1|2|3

Password: (Answer the question below)

What is Changmin’s favorite Japanese food? (Hint: A lot of foods. But you can only choose one. All five members very like this)

Credit: YouGotThePower

Upload Credit: innocentmin.wordpress.com

Shared by: innocentmin.wordpress.com


39 thoughts on “[Pic+DL] 2006-2011 Changmin Collection ~3000 pics

  1. O-M-G. HARD WORK!!!!!!! There so many pics >_< Thank you so much for sharing this. Sorry for my bad english… I NEED IT. I need all of this pics. ❤ MU is down ): Can u reup? THANKS A LOT !!!!!

  2. i’ve found the password but it doesn’t work for 2006-2008 download link. it said invalid password. the password is the same as 2009-2011 download link right? or different? ㅠ3ㅠ i’ve downloaded the 2009-2011 files actually.

  3. Thank you.
    Ha ha I almost couldn’t find the first password. Changmin you’re such a special one. Your love for food is really really something.
    Btw, the second one is so easy. Thank you again.

  4. Oh wow thank you very much for your hard working ^^
    And thanks for your hints above, i could easily find the password ❤
    But could you please the file .003 of P2? It says that "Split Archive Blocked" 'cause limit for this file has been reached
    I want this huge collection so bad T.T so please re-up it for us
    *hug hug* Thank you very much again ❤

  5. thank you so much for your share, i cant say too much because my english isnt very good 😦
    i can say thank for your hard word ^^
    Again thank you so much *hug*

  6. OMG ~ 3000 pics ~ You are so amzing ~^o^~ ❤ ❤ ❤

    2006-2011 ~ A young boy Shim Changmin becomes a man Shim Changmin ~ So many things changed, he changed too, but he's always fantastic like the beginning! Love him so much!

    Your passwords are always so cute ^^

    Thanks for your hard-working and sharing ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. the first one was easy since we all know what kind of a Food Monster Minnie is… LOL, the second one I got a good few minutes before I figured it out… but, it’s pretty nice to remember and remind of the answer about them… xD thank you so much for this~ ^^

  8. can’t believe it…3000 pics…deabak ^^ I’ll try my best to find out the password, thanks for sharing this collection 🙂 Best wishes to you my love ❤

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