Thank you for 10000 hits \o^O^o/ Let’s feel free to download this collection. You all are welcome XD~

File Size: 839 MB
Number of Images: 1000+ pics

Download: MediaFire

Password: Thank you!

Credit: MR.YJ

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19 thoughts on “[Pic+DL] MR.YJ Collection

  1. Hello…hopefully you’ll see this 😐
    First of all I just want to say thank you so much for all the collections you post here! I really love them all, especially babychangmin ❤ seeing as the site is down now…
    I was wondering, do you have an amorfati collection? Or do you know where I could find one? Because I've tried searching for so long but all the links don't work ;__;
    thanks again, hope you're well ❤

  2. :O
    omg I just saw this… kyaaaahhh~ I didn’t know there’s a fansite called Mr.YJ omg, thank you very much for sharing this and I hope you do have a nice day!!!
    thanks a lot for all your hard work. and please take care~
    thank you again… ^^

  3. 1000 pics, omg that amazing :)) tonight is my best night ever :)) thanks for ur sharing, thanks so much ❤ give u big hug from me 🙂

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