The 2 brothers have new hair *daladala*


If you want to reprint it, please attach the following information at the preliminaries.
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【From JANUARY Prohibit any reason to the second amendment& remove LOGO Prohibit reprint secondly】

Rock star U-know


Credit: EveryMin, 小傻瓜_paboya, hanakim, changoong, January, onlyone-uknow, kiyo, JinRoee竹子,, chubee, eyescontact, Hao, tianbaby1011, tvxq-theking

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2 thoughts on “[120825] HoMin at Gimpo Airport to Japan (Updated)

  1. Yunppa really looks like a ‘bad boy’ neeee but so cool!!! …
    I’ll tell Jaemma then! fufufufu…
    Thanks for sharing (o^^)o

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