Moonlight Prince-the first episode. My best oppa fighting~^_<~

Just like a fairy tale~from Butter ^^

This is my little prince ^^


“This is my best friend~Bambi~”

The new Japanese album “TIME” will be released soon ^^

Yunho filming Yawang

so handsome >v<

so cuteee

130116 ‘Moonlight Prince’ Press Conference >O<


“Catch Me-If you wanna” Offshot

130118 Changmin at Incheon to HK

Shim Changmin & Shim Changmin ^_^

130119 TVXQ Live World Tour “CATCH ME” in Hong Kong

Forever young~~

This child is always like that >_<


This’s called HoMin moments ^o^

BigEast Magazine winter ver.

so proud of my boys ^^



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3 thoughts on “[FanArt] 130123 Yunho & Changmin

  1. Hi, I’ve just found this wp of urs. And I’m glad I did!! U have such wonderful collections of everything abt HoMin, esp fan arts!! And I’m a Changmin bias, too…so it’s nice 2 know another fellow with same interest πŸ™‚
    I’ll be following ur wp. Thanks for the good work πŸ˜€

  2. Oh my gawd! The last 2 sooo emoshinki (οΎ‰ΛšΜΜ― βˆ‡ΛšΜ€Μ―)οΎ‰β™₯

    Soulfighter! Same outfit, and OT5

    Omo omo omo, very cute fan art β™‘

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