Changmin 1497

Dear all my friends and readers,

In these days, I decide to change my upload-account due to MediaFire’s inconveniences.

  • It’s said that MF doesn’t allow normal users to upload split files anymore with its announcement: Split Archive Blocked.
  • No one knows when the links suddenly die or the account being blocked, so it takes a lot of time to re-upload them and in my limited free time, this will be impossible. If they happen, please don’t ask and require the new links.
  • From now on, all the links will be uploaded on RapidShare, the server which allows user to upload any file size and has unlimited storage space, no ads. I think it’ll be an ideal upload and download page. It’s very easy to use, ex: please click
  • All my files are not private and they can be shared anywhere, but my collections with the notices are NOT allowed to share and take out the links. If you do that, I’ll delete all the datas and stop sharing them with you.

If you have any questions, please leave your comment or contact me via e-mail:

Thank you for your attention.

Gentle Shim.


6 thoughts on “[Announcement] About changing my upload-account

  1. I think you choose the right method
    MF is crazy these days >”< And i try on downloading with your new collection, it works effectively. The speed is quite fast, and i don't feel troubled anymore with the cap-cha. You don't need to spilt the files which are so large right?
    Thank you very much for your change and your announcement ❤

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