…..gentle just like a moon, fly from the heaven with love, spread the warmness to the earth, you’ve come to us.

The day that I realized you’re so important and special to me, not just because we both have the same feeling, smile and cry together, I feel like I’m the most happy person in this world…but which way doesn’t have pain? You put me through all and tell me that I’m not alone, you’re always with me, try to reach the dream with 218 percent of effort. My tear fell…and I know that you cried too, but you don’t want me to see, just in secret. More than all, I like your smile the most, but if you cry, it’s okay, cause your smile will light your face then. I always feel thankful. Thanks for the appearance of you, to me, it’s the most precious present from the God.

From a little boy to a mature man, you’ve been growing up day by day, I see you’ve changed a lot, too. You want to show us that you’re trying to continue the name: TVXQ. In my heart, where still prints the picture of you, with innocent images and never fades away. I’m always right here and support you with all my spirit, everyday is a journey waiting for us to start.

Today is a very beautiful day, million, billion blessings are given to you, my precious boy, the day just for you. I see you’re healthy, happy, successful, I recognized that my wishes have come true. Please keep that beside you, my endless sweet.

Shim Changmin,

Happy birthday to you~!

I love you.


Credit: as tagged

Fanmade by: Gentle Shim@innocentmin.wordpress.com


3 thoughts on “[FanMade] 130218 Happy 26th Birthday our Deer Prince

  1. Bless your heart for your beautiful words to Changmin Oppa. I don’t think I could have written about how much I felt about him because I wouldn’t be able to find words to show my effusive admiration and love for him. Although, I can say….. he has become an intrinsic chunk of my heart and brain. There is just so much I love him for, yet I wouldn’t be able to sum up all the little nuances of when he makes me smile, laugh, cry, worry, and fight again and again. Thank you for putting this up. May our Little Deer Prince stay happy, healthy, and jubilant for the rest of his birthday and rest of the year to come.

  2. I really love this!!!!!!! your words are so beautiful, it is really nice and warming. Our beautiful Changmin oppa whom we had see growing up through this years ❤ we are all so proud of you ❤

  3. so touched!!!!!!! i’m crying!!! TT-TT
    he’s so mature now,,, so proud of him!! how he always take care his hyung which work hard for them…. he’s so gentle!! love him so much!!! <3<3

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