130309 Changmin attended Japan Academy Awards for the Best New Actor ~so proud of you~^^~ Gambarimasu!~

Strict director, Arigato gozaimasu~~

Moonlight Prince ep.7

Charlotte’s web~goodbye Changmin~T_T

130311 Changmin- G.I.JOE2 Vip Premiere

Yunho filming ‘Yawang’ & Changmin in Moonlight Prince ep.8 ^^

Humanoids Offshot~how cute ><

[March 19] weekly Women’s issue

【excite music】東方神起『TIME』PHOTO GALLERY

Tohoshinki-”Saki” Drama Starring

bad child *lol*

130309 Tohoshinki on TBS King’s Brunch

hahaha~childhood is still here~>w<~

poor little kid~”sukoi~sukoi~…”

Star Wars

ichigo~ichigo~Watashi wa ichigo o tabetai~

Credit: as tagged

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