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120417 back to Korea from Japan early in the morning-boy~take care ❤

120418 to Japan…your schedule makes me dizzy ah T_T fighting my love!

Credit: favoriteSCM, that_smile218, alpexam, Sika_囡, yoonHoTT_s_y_T, moblic

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3 thoughts on “[Pic] 120417+18 Changmin at Gimpo airport (Updated link download 38p)

  1. I agree with imp2bacass. Even through the tinted and blurred vision of his sunglasses, his exhausted expression is visible. Changmin Oppa, I wish for nothing more than your health and happiness. I also feel kind of bad for the guy with the mask beside him 😦 Hope both of them will be ok. Thank you for all the great pics administrator-nim!

  2. At that time he has to go and come back between 2 countries continuously T_T In some days I can see clearly his tired expression T_T Thank you so much for sharing those pics :**

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