My head goes around and around and around when seeing your heavy schedule T_T fighting boys!

Credit: yoonHoTT_s_y_T, alpexam, yjblackhole

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5 thoughts on “[Pic] 130422 HoMin at Gimpo airport go to Japan

  1. They just went back from Japan yesterday and now they go to Japan again
    OMG what’s wrong?
    I know TIME Tour is coming up so they have to work hard from now on to prepare it well
    My poor boys T.T Please remember to take good care of yourselves
    You never know how to this well
    Thank you for sharing dear ❤

  2. Flying back and forth from Japan to Korea ;____; I hope they get some rest before the concert. FIGHTING TVXQ! Always put your health first!

  3. So sad to see how tired Yunho was :-s Both Changmin and Yunho have said that they want to rest several days but it seems that their wish can’t come true because of busy schedule. I hope that they can save some free time after the tour. Thanks for sharing dear~ ^^

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