Download 33 pics of post card set here

[New single] OCEAN


Remember to buy their new single \^o^/


[BigEast ver.]

Credit: TVXQ IN POCKET, UltraTVXQ, as tagged

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4 thoughts on “[Pic] TVXQ-POST CARD SET [Catch Me/Humanoids]+New single pictures

  1. Thank you administrator-nim! I heard their new song on youtube during their concert in Japan. Ke ke ke, I feel so bad for laughing but I swear one (or both) of them sound like a baby lamb Baaa~ing at the end of each refrain OTL I swear it was just at that part though. Great and fun song. But…. OTL

  2. They look so young and dynamic in OCEAN ^^~ Really want to see they perform this song on stage, some cuts on TV isn’t enough for me ~ kekeke ^^

    Release album, hold world tour, hold dome tour, and be going to release that new single… Our boys always work hard right? Love them so much ❤ TVXQ! fighting ~^o^~

    Thanks for your hard-working and sharing ❤ ❤ ❤

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