Shim Changmin ^^

and now is MoMoko XD~

130506 Yunho at Gimpo airport back to Korea

130430 Changmin at Gimpo airport back to Korea *look at your valise lol*

130509 HoMin at Incheon airport to Japan

130513 Changmin at Incheon airport back to Korea, with the bowling balls?!

how beautiful ><

Yunho sama hahaha

CATCH ME Post Card Set

cute >w<

little MC on Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education

little deer, why were you so careless?

poor my dear lol just couldn’t talk to buy the drink ahh~

ahh oh nooo *hurt*

130509 TVXQ on U-type TV


Our leader-shi is so cute ah~the fan who received the ball is so lucky ><

Don’t leave baby Changmin alone on stage Yunho shi~little baby will be very lonely XD~

Baek Do Hoon ^^

Wow Changmin ^^

Bonus OCEAN backgrounds, headers for your weibo, blog, etc. ^^ Download: Copy or Mega

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4 thoughts on “[FanArt] 130515 Yunho & Changmin+Bonus

  1. People who drew this obviously have an awesome drawing skill.
    Can’t stop laughing at Shim epic fail, hahahaha
    Thanks for this cute compilation fan art ^^

  2. I love all the new fanart! All the drawings are beautiful and/or cute! XD Thank you for your work administrator-nim and thank you for all those who contributed to the collection!

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