This is the concert of TVXQ in Malaysia after 6 years, I/We can see their feeling hard to say in words and how much they love us, so this collection please feel free to download, together with our precious boys to enjoy unforgettable moments.

Rules for downloading:

  1. All are prohibited to import, change the credits and re-upload
  2. DON’T take out the download links, it’s the way to respect my work, even respect yourseft.
  3. Leave you e-mail if you need the links download (comments which aren’t too simple like “Thank you” or “Can you send me the links?”)

P/s: If you don’t receive my mail in 3 days, it means I don’t have time to send it or you didn’t follow the rules above.

File size: 1.6 Gb (includes Press Conference, performances and airport pictures+Bonus 1 Fan Cam: Changmin’s solo performance )

Number of pictures: 2600++ (Updating~ and all are HQ pictures ^^)

File size: 59.3 MB

Number of pictures: 368

Credit: as

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23 thoughts on “[Open/Pic+DL] 130518 TVXQ-CATCH ME Concert in Malaysia (2600++p~1.6GB) & 130516 Lafuma Fansign Event

  1. These days, I’m too busy to collect their pics and I know that I can count on you. ^ ^ Really appreciate your hard work. Please send me the d/l link. Thank you very much.

  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG Catch Me in Malaysia is just wayyyyyyyyy awesome ;__; The stage was so close and everything hgfdsdfghjkl Thank you so much for compiling and sharing this to us. This is always a site where I can count on when I am behind on fandom thing 😀 Figthing!

    I hope you can email me :3

  3. I’m waiting for you share link photo of Catch Me in Malaysia ❤

    you always hard work ❤

    you can send link for me ?

    my email

    thank you so much

  4. You are so fast~~~ My friends went to the concert and said that our boys was super incredible and the concert was super fantastic T.T I’m really jealous T.T Watching them in beautiful pics is always my delight. I hope that you can send me the link. My email: I love you and thank you so much :****

  5. Owh hye!!
    firstly I love all your Minnie stuffs!!!
    well everything…
    And their live in Malaysia?
    i didn’t get to go because my friend was having her exam but she passed it so all is well…:))
    And I really hope to at least see the pics and any available fancams if I may…
    So if you think I am worthy please do message me the dl link…:))
    thank you!!

  6. Yesterday i heard that Changmin cried in the variety show
    That image really really made me day worse T~T
    And then i see the 2nd picture in your demo
    I can’t help seeing it again and again
    I want him back, who is the worst maknae, want him to tease us
    But only this can show us how hard he works, how strong he is
    Thank you for spending time to collect such huge collection and then sharing it to us
    Can you please send me the link?
    My email:
    Thank you very much again ❤

  7. Annyeonghaseyo ^^
    130518, since nowwww, in a tvxqfever~ n I know there’s nothing can secure me. Hehe. This moment is too precious for me, us cassiopeia :’) 6 years, its a precious time 😀 I’m so glad if u can share those picture with me. Really really really appreciate it! I’ve been there at that time. Each picture hve different meaning but only one love. Love from them, love from us. Love them. Always keep the faith! We r T ! Forever! I keep this precious memoryyy :’) trulyy.

  8. OMG that’s great collection!!! You are always so amazing ❤ ❤ ❤

    The stage in Malaysia was small, but really touch TT____TT I watched some fancams of this concert ~ Our boys were very very very cute TT____TT Changmin gave towel to Yunho… Yunho especially thanked Changmin… Awww I love them so much, I really want to go to their concert TT______TT

    Would you mind sharing me the download link of this concert ^^ Ah… the link of Lafuma fansign too ^^ Thanks so much babe ❤ ❤ ❤

    My email:

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