Finally finished 5 Dome Tour \^o^/ so proud of you~ Please take a rest, my boys, you’ve worked so hard…

Bonus 130613 Changmin at Gimpo airport to Japan more 3 pics

Credit: jinroee, camellia206, alpexam, thatsmile218, 小傻瓜_paboya, 要去看霉霉滴TT, sooying, LEPUS_, onlyone-uknow, besangyh, yjblackhole

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2 thoughts on “[Pic] 130618 TVXQ at Gimpo airport back to Korea

  1. I wish I could have seen your concerts and supported both of you directly beloved Changmin and Yunho Oppas~ T.T Thank you for all your hard work and enjoy your wade through recovery~ My heart will forever be with you two~ Thank you for the photos Gentle Shim (as always).

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