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3 thoughts on “[Pic+Vid] 130622 Changmin-Koo JaCheol’s Wedding Press Conference (Download 99 pics+1 vid)

  1. Shim Changmin is so handsome~~~ If the day he becomes a groom comes, he must be the most handsome groom in the world (well, so totally really extremely madly deeply happy to be his bride T^T) The song “To my bride” that he sang in the wedding ceremony is so beautiful. I wish I could listen the full version performed by our Changmin ❤ Thank you so much :*****

  2. Changmin is extremely handsome there
    How can it be if the guest is more handsome than the groom haha
    I heard he sang the song ‘To my bride’ for them
    But Changmin a, she’s JaCheol’s bride not yours ^^
    Thank you for sharing dear~

  3. He’s very very very handsome TT____TT I hope he wil meet a good girl, and become the happiest groom ~^o^~

    When he get marriage, I will go to the beach and get drunk TT___TT kakaka

    Thanks so much babe ❤ ❤ ❤

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