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It’s okay…baby, it’s okay….I’m here *hug* You’ve tried a lot, so you don’t regret anything…When I see your effort, you may don’t know that, but you’re the winner in my eyes.


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4 thoughts on “[Cap+Gif] Changmin-Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education EP.12+13

  1. I’m so happy for Changmin that he had the honor to perform at the man’s wedding ceremony ^w^ Dearie Changmin Oppa. Cry. It’s alright. You did your best and earned your tears and glory! You are victorious because of your efforts! And in my belief, real mean can express emotions such as crying than can quake the earth! Changmin Oppa I am forever by your side in the air or in the shadows across the waters!

  2. I really don’t want to see Changmin cry T^T He has tried his best and he is obviously improving day by day due to his hard working. Win will come to ones keeping trying! Changmin ah~ please don’t cry any more because of losing :*

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