This is the opened gift for everyone in this event >w< it’s also a third fan’s made about Changmin of me XD~ Enjoy~

A smile, no matter how beautiful, how sweet, as long as it’s not yours, it’s not special 
Tears, no matter how bitter, how salty, with your condolences, it’s a clear day yet again 
No matter how close, how intimate you are, without a hug, it’s considered too far 
The whole world only has feelings for you 
No matter how crazy, how wild we play, once you stare at me, I’ll keep my feelings 
No matter how broad and far the road is, as long as you hold my hand, it’s very safe 
I’ll be good and stick close to you, and be dedicated, and not be fake 
I only have feelings for you, Shim Changmin.


Download HD ver. here

Boundless love…I only have feelings for you-Shim Changmin❤
FanMade by: Gentle Shim
Download HQ ver. at:
Pictures credit: as tagged
Music background: Only have feelings for you-by Hebe ft. Fahrenheit


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