A gift for [COME BACK] and 100000 hits o^v^o

Rules for downloading:

  1. DON’T take out this collection and the download link, the way to respect my work, even respect yourself.
  2. Prohibit to re-upload, import the file, post on the other sites and change the credit in anyway! ONLY in innocentmin.wordpress.com
  3. Please leave a comment if you download.

File size: 446 Mb

Number of pictures in total: 774


Copy: Beijing | Tokyo



Credit: as tagged+innocentmin.wordpress.com

Shared by: innocentmin.wordpress.com


5 thoughts on “[Open/HQPic+DL] 131019+131026-27 TVXQ-SMT III in Beijing+Tokyo

  1. It’s me Gentle Shim, actually I’m trying to have enought 18 comments to have the password :)) but i even i have the password i still com for u :)) thanks for sharing this to us babe 😀 Keep moving forward and I’ll support you my dear ❤

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