Rules for downloading:

  1. DON’T take out this collection and the download link, the way to respect my work, even respect yourself.
  2. Prohibit to re-upload, import the file, post on the other sites andchange the credit in anyway! ONLY in
  3. Please leave a comment if you download.

Fan arts by Hanakousagi

File size: 157 Mb

Number of pictures: 769 (not include recent arts)





Fan arts by Butter in Yougotthepower

banner2File size: 67.5 Mb

Number of pictures: 245





Credit: hanakousagi, Butter in Yougotthepower,

Shared by:


8 thoughts on “[Open/FanArt+DL] Changmin by Hanakousagi & Butter

  1. My lovely Gentle Shim, accept my big hug and big kiss instead of the word thanks ok ^^ Just kiding, thanks so much, this collection is deabak :)) u know what deabak means right 😀

  2. Omgosh, I just came across your fanart here of Changmin (the last one of Prince CM) and your work is exquisitely sensational and magnificently beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Also, you should think about doing fanart of Changmin from their ‘Rise As God’ cd album photobook pics, as well as from their 2016 TVXQ SUM Calendar pics.

  3. I always love your fanart. Cute and accurate in a way. I’m not going to take them out but sometimes I use it as my phone wallpaper >_< nothing else tho.

    Thank you for making my phone more cheerfull. please draw more. they're so cute if you want to make postcard or other things. keep drawing ^^

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