Let continue to be together, even 10 years or 20 years, my love to you will never change-my endless love-TVXQ!


Due to blog’s problems and my busy work, it’s a bit late to celebrate our most special day and year, yet I still want to say

Happy 10th Debut Anniversary of our                                beloved TVXQ


2 years with innocentmin

We’ve been together for ten years, remember that day, the first stage, the first day we met each other

“I want to be your bed in your room for just a day
I want to make you go to sleep, comfortably, warmly in my arms…”

We’ve gone through a lot of pains, happiness, tears and smiles and realized that everyday, every minute, every moment is all special and precious, just need to be together and continue to be TVXQ, continue to be your fans-Cassiopeia and Bigeast, treasure and pursue our dream till the end.

We’ll always stand by your side!

Always keep the faith!

Hope to the end!

We love you!사랑해!♥あなたを愛して!♥

First gift: Collections from 2014 onwards will all be opened and free to download, but if you want to download old collections (privated collections), you still have to follow my requirement. Please click here if you don’t know how to get them.

Special gift:

TVXQ on Magazine (2005-2013)


*First, please notice that this blog follow Changmin’s step, TVXQ now is Yunho & Changmin, and I think they’re the same as me, want to treasure the present and don’t want to deny the past-as they’ve debuted as 5 members, not 2 or 3, so if you’re HoMin or JYJ’s stand, please click back!*

Rules for downloading:

  1. DON’T take out this collection and the download link, the way to respect my work, even respect yourself.
  2. Prohibit to re-upload, import the file, post on the other sites and change the credit in anyway! ONLY in innocentmin.wordpress.com
  3. Leave your e-mail if you want the download link(I’ll ignore your comment if it’s too simple like “Thank you” or “Can I have the link?”).

*If you don’t receive my mail in 5 days it means you’ve not followed the rules or I’m too busy to send the link.*

File size: 3.5 Gb

Number of pictures: 6000++

Credit: as tagged+innocentmin.wordpress.com

Shared by: innocentmin.wordpress.com


37 thoughts on “[Pic+DL] TVXQ-Happy 10th Debut Anniversary!

  1. aaaah, jinjaaa daebak.
    its hard to find old pic,
    Thank you so much for all your hardwork,
    thank you for share.
    can you give me the link to jjfebby@gmail.com
    always keept the faith CASSIOPEIA !!

  2. Happy 10th Debut Anniversary Changmin Oppa, Yunho Oppa, Jaejoong Oppa, Junsu Oppa, and last but not least Yoochun Oppa~ Thank you for continuing to make beautiful music that melts my heart and continuing to be an inspirational and illustrious role model in my eyes. I am forever grateful to all 5 of you despite other’s oppositions. Thank you Gentle Shim for your celebratory post~

    My email is dbskism.sing4me@gmail.com

  3. Thanks you for this special collection.
    It’s such a good news that you’ll open all collections, really appreciate your hard work and kindness.
    PS. I still can’t figure the answer for TypeB collection in 2011, poor me T T.

  4. It might be a little late but I just found your wordpress today and I just wanted to say this again HAPPY TVXQ 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY. I was kinda shocked to realize how amazing this blog is. OMG >.< why didn't I find you earlier? Well~ at least I found your blog now. I appreciate all your hard work and sweetness by sharing these wonderful and hard-to-find pictures. I've been TVXQ's fan for 5 years but have never collected all of their pictures. Obviously because TVXQ is one of the most popular group with their SUPER HUGE picture collections. Once again, I'm glad to come across your blog and thank you for the meaningful gift.
    I hope to receive your email soon. Thank you so much and this is my email anhtran8228@yahoo.com

  5. Finally!!! Finally I´ve found site where can I see their pics in so great quality! I´m Changmin biased and couldn´t find any good ones with especially his pics 😦 I´m quite new Cassie so I´m still getting to know them but already have so big collection of pics XD So I really understand how hard it is for you to collect it all and I really appreciate it 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂 Now…I know, i am late, anniversary was already but i came across your site just now but still…Happy 10th anniversary boys, I hope I can be with you another 10 years even so I wasn´t with you from the beginning 🙂 love you ❤
    I don´t know if I fulfill your requirments but if I do, could you please sent me link to 1tinuska2@azet.sk? Big thank you wouldn´t be enough but THANK YOU! P.S. sorry for my English :/

  6. gentle shim,, i just download the file “baby DBSK”, wuah,, it was like i won the lottery..
    and it become the treasure to me, hua im suck in english,, im so sorry,,
    and i would be so much happy if i receive email from you..
    thanks for sharing and willing to collect the things about our beloved DBSK…
    Tohoshinki..Tohoshinki,,Tohoshinki fighto…

  7. Hello ^^ Long time no see ~~~~ My PC-chan had a big problem, and I couldn’t do anything during the last 3 months TT^TT ~ The most regretable thing is I missed the 10th debut anniversary TT^TT ~ I miss our boys so much, and I miss you too babe ~ keke ^^

    Ten years, it’s really a long time! Our boys are so great! Always work hard, always try hard, always kindness! Love them so much TT^TT Really want to see them in another ten years, more and more ten years TT^TT ~ TVXQ is a part of my life ~~~~

    Magazine from 2005 to 2013 ~ It’s really a big collection~ You’re amazing babe ^^ Thanks for your hard working and sharing ^^ Can you please give me a link to download this ~ Thanks again ^^

    Oh, it’s a bit late but, happy lunar new year ~~~~~

  8. I get excited when I see your so huge collection
    thanks for your hard word, honestly, it made my day
    I will visit your wordpress more usually, hope that I can have right to download automatically soon :))))
    Hope the best for you ❤
    My gmail is naideer3@gmail.com, looking forward seeing your reply

  9. Dear Innocentmin,
    Thank you so much for your sharing. I know all old pictures is really difficul to collect. And that collection is a tresure for every one who love our boys. You are work hard. thank you so much. This is my email, i hope that I can receive you rely. thank you again

  10. Oh thank you so much for your sharing collection!
    i love our boys and i love u too, you and i love DB5K forever, can’t u? :))))) whatever past and present we still love u ❤ ^^ you work hard to collect them! i want to download this file! Can u send for me? my email: hikochiyj@gmail.com
    i hope that you will reply!

  11. I was more than happy to uncover this site. I need to to thank
    you for your time for this particularly wonderful colection!! You rock you know!
    Honestly, your collection made my day. I just can’t wait to have it in my lap 🙂
    Thank you so so so much for your hard word.
    This is my email: handelknown@gmail.com
    Hope that I will receive email from you soon!

  12. Hello, I’ve just found your blog and this is such a treasure. I’m new to DBSK and unluckily, I didn’t follow them since the precise beginning. But in my heart, DB5K is and will always the best. So I start to collect the old pics.
    Thank you so much for your hard work. Couls you send me the link? My email is: nk0kxink27@gmail.com
    I’m really looking forward for your e-mail.!

  13. Hello dear~ huge thanks to you for sharing those amazing collections with us :’)) ❤ you don't know how much I love you and your site XDD. Thanks a lot for your hard work and I really hope I'm not too late for this collection TT__TT…
    my email: stoneclipse_fave@yahoo.com

    Thank you once again, I'm looking forward for your reply~~

  14. hello, i’m very happy about your gift ( i’m not good at English, if you don’t understand my mind, i’m very sorry TT)
    this is first time i go to your wordpress ,i’m vietnamese, i love TV5XQ so much ❤ <3, that's my pride to know you ^^
    i hope you will contact with me , we are the friends ^^ , and i'm looking forward being received your repry ( huhu my english is so bad)

  15. Hello, let me introduce myself a bit. Actually, I’m a new Cass, i’ve follow 5 of them for 9 months, i guess 🙂 So it’s so lucky for me that found ur site ^^ There so many pics in here, i’m so excited right now 😀 Uhm I want to say thanks for ur sharing these beautiful, gorgeous pics to us. Can u send me the link to download this collection 🙂
    My email: yumechan1805@gmail.com
    Once again, thank you so much ^^ Big hug for u ❤

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