About Password Protected

Everyone all knows that not only my blog is a fan site which supports Changmin and TVXQ, there are a lot of fan pages and sites sharing datas about our boys. I think this decision of mine doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

To make sure that my upload link can be still downloaded, which means it doesn’t cause Public Traffic (limited download), and to avoid someone didn’t follow the rules from downloading, some collections will be private. For the posts that have password protect, your work now is just leave your e-mail in the comment below, and the password will be sent to your mail box.

  1.  The collection <1000 pics: you must have at least 18 comments.
  2.                                 >1000 pics:                                > 30 comments and have the correct answer of this question: What are the fans to Changmin? He used to say it in an interview. (If you have the answer please send it to my e-mail: gentleshim@hotmail or gentleshim1826@gmail.com, don’t write it in your comment and care about how many comments you’ve had ^^)

It’s so great if you can have enough comments and the correct answer, but once you can’t answer it, you have to have above 70 comments.

From the day my site has reached 70000 views, I’ll express my thank to all of you as a special gift ^^ To facilitate to everyone who have trusted and supported my site for a very long time, I’ll remove some difficulties about the requirements from password protected. I hope I can share the treasure of our boys as much as possible-a part of our memory, our precious moments♥

With the collections that have password protected, (number of pictures isn’t important) you can enter the posts when you have at least 18 comments. At the moment, you guys can easily download the files without trouble. I realize that it’s unfair to the people who always respect my work and support by their comments, when someone never do that, even once a time, so this is my final generous decision to all of you.

First, you have to leave your e-mail in your comment, as if you have enough comments, the password will be sent to you automatically.

There will be no password protected on some special events, so don’t worry ^^
NOTICE: Your posts that only have less than 10 characters is known like a spam. It will be a real comment if it is your real feeling about that post, even our boys, of course it can’t be too simple.
Finally, please respect my work and don’t take out the password and the download link, even respect yourseft. This is very important.


10th Anniversary gift: Collections from 2014 on wards will all be opened and free to download, but if you want to download old collections (private collections), you still have to follow my requirement above

Thank you for all your love and support,

Gentle Shim


70 thoughts on “About Password Protected

  1. I always highly appreciate all your work sharing wonderful moments of our beloved boys with kindness. I like all posts! I can’t remember exactly how many comments I’ve written T^T I am trying to continue to be active as much as possible because I want to express my thanks to you :”> Actually, I’ve read so many Changmin and TVXQ’s interview and I can’t remember exactly what they/Changmin said T^T I am totally not sure about my answwer =(( I will email you immediately when I get the answer. I hope that I can finish the requirements as soon as possible to get the password. My email is lutexi_miniti@yahoo.com :”> Thank you very much ❤

  2. Hi dear~
    I’m really thankful for your hard work
    You’re just so kind to sharing us all those precious moments of our boys
    And i’m trying to be active to have enough comments
    Hope that my comments on your site don’t bother you any at all
    Thank you again for your hard work
    So can you please send me the password?
    My e-mail: yukibanhbao@gmail.com

  3. I really thankful for all your very precious sharing about Changmin.
    I like your posts. It very meaningful for a Cassiopeia.
    Hopefully my comments contribute one part to the site.
    I’m sorry for my english is not good. Hope you sympathy me.
    Can you please send me the password?
    My email: thyhan2305@yahoo.com
    Thank you very much

    • Please read thoroughly what I’ve written above. First, you have to leave your e-mail in your comment and the password will be sent to you only if you’ve finished my requirements.

  4. My friend recommended me this site just last week and i must say that it’s amazing thanks for your hard work because u know how much it’s needed to keep going a blog like this, ^^ fighting!! I know there’s a long way to have the 18 comments but i will work hard for that and more ^^. My email is : monbrielle@gmail.com thanks

  5. Thank you for your generous gift! I really love all your posts. I really do (especially because I just LOVE Changmin Oppa haha). I’m sorry for not commenting on all of them. I will also work hard to comment more (especially at least 18). I hope you can send me the pass word before hand though. I am anticipating! My email is: dbskism.sing4me@gmail.com.

  6. Thank you for your generous gift! I really love all your posts. I really do (especially because I just LOVE Changmin Oppa haha). I’m sorry for not commenting on all of them. I will also work hard to comment more (especially at least 18). I hope you can send me the pass word before hand though. I am anticipating! My email is: blooming_hinata.sakura95@yahoo.com

  7. hi dear~
    this is the first time I’ve been here… I really have to say that I’m impressed by your collections~
    this page is just amazing~ thank you so much for your hard work and sharing~
    I will try my best with the comment thingy~
    because what you have been doing is worth much more than a LIKE~
    btw, I hope you can share the password with me~ cuz I love your collections so so much~
    my email is juztsmyle.aktf@ymail.com
    thanks a lot~ and hwaiting ♥ ^___________^

    p/s: I love your background music tracklist ♥

  8. Thank you very much for sharing wonderful and amazing photographs, and for your generosity. You are so kind. For me, this is the best site for collections of TVXQ photographs. I enjoy looking at the photographs. I appreciate your hard work, support and time. I would appreciate it if you would send me the password. My email is: oinky@excite.co.jp

  9. Hello dear~~~~
    your site is really amazing.. really~~
    ur collection really impressed me *.*. woah… so many of them i didnt have yet :/
    im really happy to found your blog dear~
    my english is not that good but im trying to be active comment in your blog. fighting ^^)9
    Thanks so much for your hardwork, ur time, to collected all the pics. collecting is kinda tiring yet interesting. so thanks once again >3<
    here my email HeraLotusZeus@gmail.com i hope u would gimme the password :DDDD

    once again thank you ^^

  10. I’m not good at english, so i can’t write a long comment for you, so sorry
    but i really like your collections, it’s very beautiful and amazing
    thank you so much for your sharing ^^
    i hope you’ll continuous this work, thank you very much!
    please give me the password: thaophuong.nguyen94@gmail.com

    • Oh very sorry to hear that but I think something’s wrong. I’ve already sent it to you on April 2 TT I even don’t know what has happened. I’ve resended the PW to your email. I hope you will receive it soon.

  11. Hello my dear ^^~ I think I’ve already had 18 comments, can you please sending me the password to download protected files? ^^~ I really appreciate your hard-working ^^~ I promise I wil obey your rules ^^~ Thanks so much babe!!!!!

    All the best for your health and good luck ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. Hello dear, i really love your wordpress, thank you for all your hardwork and support for our beloved boys ^^
    idk how to know as if i’ve posted enough comments for your requirement?
    but i will try my best ^^
    if i have posted enough comments (i think that because i know your wordpress for a long time 😦 ) could you send me the password?
    my email is: leatic05@gmail.com

  13. hello chamiko sis.. i have changed my laptop and I forgot the password can u please send me the email of password again please,,,,,????
    thank you so much… your blog helps me get so many amazing pictures of my idols so I really want the password sooon… hehee love u 😉

  14. Hi,I really like your wordpress so much as you have lots of pictures from the the boys activities or events which was been taken unlike the other blog or wordpress of TVXQ I come across and what’s more you’re always willing to share it with us. Appreaciate your hardwork. Can I have the password?
    Email: farahyunhee@gmail.com

  15. Just got to know your blog for a while and I have to say it’s amazing ;;A;; All the pics I always wonder where to get are there, and beautifully in HD T^T Thanks a lot, really ❤

    As I've read the rules, I'll come here more often and support you, just wanna drop a thank for your great job :x:x:x

  16. Hello~ so I just saw this post and I’m really sorry if I haven’t really commented here. LOL, but I hope you do remember me commenting here and visiting your site ^-^
    though not so often because of work and all… I just want to say thank you for all your hard work and I know how hard it is to keep updating, uploading and sharing files. I want you to know that we all appreciate all your hard work and I really do enjoy visiting your site because aside from the collections I love it because of the background music… ♥
    if it isn’t asking for too much, I would also like to have the passwords or link download of those you want to share with us ^_^
    my email is annderminskin@gmail.com
    I’ll try to keep visiting your site as much as I can 🙂
    thank you again and take care~

    I’m just curious though, because I don’t know how to address you… what shall we call you? I mean name or nickname if you don’t mind that is… ^_^
    that’s all and thank you very much again!!
    동방신기 fighting!!!♥

    • If you had enough comments (18), I would probably send the password to your e-mail. Other people used to call me “Gentle Shim” as a name of this blog but you can call me “Chamiko” as my nickname ^_^ *If you’ve watched Bigeast station before, you’ll know where this name comes from :D*

    • Hi there! Do you mean how to get the password to enter private posts or something? This is a blog site, not a forum and I think I’ve not said any recruitment before. Did you confuse something?

  17. no dear,,,, eum,,, sorry if i confusing you…
    i’ve got the password before,, and i had asking you about Changmin’s pict collection form Neverend. you’ve said that you have it but it in a forum that you created, and i should got recruitment to get there…. isn’t it??? or i am wrong??? sorry before…. ^^

    • Oh I see ^^ but I said that NeverEnd fan site is a forum and it just open for people to register only on one day of the year-Changmin’s birthday, not about any forum that I’ve created. I’ve once thought about collecting fan taken pictures from NeverEnd but most of them(pictures from the beginning to 2011) got damaged. What a pity T_T If you want to be a member of the fan site, you have to wait until Feb 18th to sign up. Sorry for making you confused and disappointed.

  18. ah…to come across this place is like a haven :”) i’ve always liked creating edits of the boys, whether it’s official photos or fan-takens. thank you for sharing the photos, & of course the quality is much more than good 😉
    Hwaiting! .

  19. ust got to know your blog for a while and I have to say it’s amazing . All the pics I always wonder where to get are there, and beautifully in HD T^T Thanks a lot, really❤
    Can i get password to dowload?
    P/s: sorry, my english is not good. ^^
    My email is: bibominmin@gmail.com

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