About SCM

  • Name: Shim ChangMin (심 창 민)
  • Nikname: Max/Choikang ChangMin (최 강 창 민)
  • Birthday: 1988/02/18 about 5:00 am
  • Birthplace: Seoul
  • Height/Weight: 1m86/61kg
  • Blood type: B
  • Voice: Top Tenor
  • Family: Father, Mother and 2 younger sisters
  • Interests: listen to music, singing
  • Favorite: foods, games, mountain climbing,…
  • Expertise: singing, dancing ◎ Sixth SM Best Conference Award and the song selection and award winner
  • Character: No brains. Not angry temper. But one would be very angry, but terrible.
  • Favorite singer: BRIAN MIE NA I TE (foreign artists) KANG TA, Hye Sung (mythology, the lead singer)
  • Like a girl: Good personality, cute. Will be spoiled girl.
  • Favorite song: “To the bride.”
  • Leave the impression of the book: “Halle spinach special.”
  • Treasure No. 1: family.
  • Dear people: things to pay all of their people.
  • Specialty: singing.
  • Like clothes: comfortable casual clothes.
  •  Favorite place: home near Lake Park.
  •  Often find the pages on the Internet: the music of foreign artists and music sites can see the MV.
  •  Man, when the first place to look is: the eye.
  •  Want to travel to: Cruises.
  •  Sometimes hate their own time: you want to do wrong time.
  • It seems remarkable, when their own: singing appearance.
  •  Money, then: All parents.
  •  Later want to have several children: 2 ~ 3.
  •  Want to give his girlfriend a gift: Rose 100.
  •  Had a girlfriend some want to do: walk holding hands.

My Solo:

  • Just once (James Ingram)
  • I love you
  • I knew i loved you ( Feat.Micky): 050910 TVXQ! The 2nd Album Rising Sun showcase
  • Caught up: TVXQ! The 1st Asia Tour Concert Rising Sun (2006)
  • When I first kissed you: TVXQ! The 2nd Asia Tour Concert O-Jung.Ban.Hap (2007)
  • Wild Soul: 080206 Single Two hearts/ Wildsoul
  • Flying Ducks: SM Town live (2008)
  • Upon this rock
  • Half moon (Lullaby): The 3rd Asia Tour Concert Mirotic (2009)
  • 고백(Confession): Song/Lyrics by Max composed. 110105 Album Why(Keep Your Head Down)
  • Rusty Nail: TONE Concert(2012)
  • Rock with you: TIME Concert(2013)

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