Innocentmin & Rules

Innocentmin-The secret place which support our little Changminnie. From 2013 onward, I will just share about TVXQ (Yunho & Changmin) In here I will share the invaluable treasure of them^^

I hope you will have an enjoyable moment when you enter here ^^ Follow me and have fun together!

First, my kind readers, please follow the rules thoroughly, thank you!:

  • Don’t spam & bash any fans or TVXQ
  • Please add full credit when you take out everything I share here.
  • Don’t take my download links and do hotlink.
  • I have some collections and I will share with you, but all my collections are not allowed to be post on another site. Please comment if you download it ^^ the way to appreciate my work

*Photos are re-sized to fit site’s screen. Click for the full size of photos.

*Innocentmin just shares the media of TVXQ, doesn’t share the news. If you wanna take these photos out, please upload them again to get your own link. Because the bandwidth of my photo album is limited, please understand it ^^

Anyway, Let’s spread the love of TVXQ!~


8 thoughts on “Innocentmin & Rules

      • Thank you! I just wanted to ask because Butter-sama inspired me so much to start art again (and to try fanart about Changmin ^w^). I will be busy studying, but I will let you know if I can share anything. Thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity!

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