Although it’s one day passed, yet I want to say:

생일 축하 내 사랑하는 오빠~! 

Happy birthday~ my dearest oppa~! My February boy! I always feel thankful to God that have sent the most precious angel in heaven to the earth! On this most special day of the year, I just want to be your guardian angel, always with you, stand by your side, fly around the world and collect all luckiness, blessings for you and your beloved! I know that words cannot describe my love and thanks to you but if the sky gave me a thousand of stars as wishes, I just hope that I can exchange for you, be my dearest Shim Changmin,

because you’re holding all my happiness

Gentle Shim’s birthday cake for our Deer Prince \o^o^o/



Rules for downloading:

  1. DON’T take out this collection and the download link, the way to respect my work, even respect yourself.
  2. Prohibit to re-upload, import the file, post on the other sites and change the credit in anyway! ONLY in
  3. Please leave a comment if you download.


File size: 680 Mb

Number of pictures: ~1100


Google Drive


File size: 133 Mb

Number of pictures: 184


Google Drive

Credit: SIMZANG, It’s MAX,

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10 thoughts on “[Pic+DL] Happy 27th Birthday dear our Precious Prince! [SIMZANG & IT’S MAX Collection]

  1. A great gift in our lovely boy’s birthday :* Thank you a lot!!!
    Knowing him is one of the most invaluable things I’ve ever had in my life ❤ Wish all the best willl smile to him ❤

  2. Hello GentleMin-nim:

    I’m here again^^ and very grateful for your help. Maybe you don’t remember, but I was looking for Butter-nim’s collection some months ago, when I was desperate because she’d closed her site, and finally, I could find all her collection here, in your site…thank you so much again ♥
    Now, I’m here to say thank you again for these wonderful gifts, I’ve downloaded the first archive (SIMZANG) and it’s a wonderful collection^^
    I was trying to download IT’S MAX collection, but I can’t…it appears this message: “You need permission. Want in? Ask the owner for access, or switch to an account with permission”…and now I don’t know what to do.

    Do I need a special password? I’ve read your rules about password protection, then I have to send you my mail, right? How many comments do I have to post? I apologize for so many questions >///< but I'm confused,

    Please, GentleMin-nim, if you have some free time to answer my questions, I'll be here, waiting.

    Thank you so much again m(_ _)m

    • Hi there!
      Sorry for being so late, I’ve checked and change the sharing permission into public, so you can download it now ^^
      Hope you have a good time when enter this blog ^^

      • ヾ(^∇^) Hello GentleShim-nim!

        Thank you so much for your answer and for making public the link to IT’S MAX collection! Wow, I was watching all those beautiful pics and I feel so grateful for your kindness, thank you so much again m(_ _)m

        I’m so sorry for a late answer, I’ve been a bit busy lately 😦 But, I want to say “Thanks a lot for so wonderful blog” ♥

        This place is a treasure! (︶ω︶) I really appreciate your hard work GentleShim-nim. Your blog is a wonderful site to forget pains and worries. It makes me very happy!

        Greetings and take care! (*°∀°)=3

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